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[Plato King]
Born in St. Augustine; Private under Captain M.E. Davis; Enlisted June 1863; Honorably discharged June 1865 (pronounced ‘Disabled’ May 29, 1864 due to nearly complete loss of eyesight; was able to file for Dependent Pension on July 9, 1890, under the Act of June 27, 1890 (Dependent and Disability Pension Act); Died in Fernandina, FL on August 10, 1892.


She makes clear that "no record [was] kept of marriages" in 1863. She sounds frustrated by the legal proceedings that would require this of former slaves.
Complicated to legally receive her widow's pension without several witness affidavits. Extremely limited control over the outcome of her livelihood. Still she fights for what is hers using repeated, irrefutable logic.
Clarissa gave her rhetorical statement and then provided an 'x,' or 'mark' to confirm agreement with the affidavit transcription.


Official proof of legal marriage


Clarissa King
Varied ages cited in file: 75, 79, 89


University of North Florida Special Collections, Jacksonville, FL


Flagler College




Amos Atkinson; P.W. King; R.M. Henderson; Paul Albert; Peter Armstrong; John Hubbard


Box 1, Folder 7

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'The time I got married, 1863 there was no record kept of marriages. Hence, I cannot furnish any. Rev Kennedy who performed the marriage ceremony. I do not know if he is living or dead. I haven't seen him since. Don't know where he is. I cannot furnish anymore testimony of our marriage. They all are dead who were present except Hubbard and Atkinson of whom...already said--we got married in pairs and came out after each got married. Hence a few witnesses all of whom are deceased. Each left the house after the ceremony was performed in pairs...'


Clarissa King (wife/widow) and Varied ages cited in file: 75, 79, 89, “Affidavit
[Plato King],” Resilience: Black Heritage in St. Augustine, accessed June 17, 2024,

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