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Touring Lincolnville: A Celebration of Historic Black-Owned Business is a collaboration of the UNF Digital Humanities Institute with the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center and the St. Augustine Historical Society. Through the course ENC 4436, Writing as Social Action, students researched black-owned businesses in Lincolnville, then created metadata files for the Florida Master Site Files and the Sanborn Insurance Maps. They also created original stories based on the "rhetorical circulation" of business practices in Lincolnville, which we will be available on the Resilience Wordpress site on May 2, 2022. There will be a pop-up archival presentation of their work on May 7, from 2:30-4:30 at the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center, St. Augustine, Florida
The Northeast region of Florida has an extensive and rich military history, from its discovery and settlement by the Spanish and French, its occupation by Union troops four different times during the U.S. Civil War, its important military role during both World Wars, and currently, home to two Naval Stations. During the Civil War, black soliders from Florida played a significant role in the Union Army as part of the Colored Infantry Regiments. The Collection's primary source materials provide historical evidence and documentation of the military service and daily lives of these Civil War veterans and, by extension, military activities in the region.

The core of the collection are selective copies of primary documents from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regarding pension claims from the Civil War Veterans, their widows, and other relatives.The majority of the holdings are copies of legal forms, affidavits and transcriptions, which were collected and edited by University of North Florida (UNF) history students as supporting materials for the website: Florida History Online: Black Floridians and the Civil War: the 21st, 33rd, and 34th United States Colored Infantry Regiments. Florida History Online is a digital archive of textual and visual documents of Florida history produced by UNF students and faculty under the direction of Professor Emeritus of History Dr. Daniel L. Schafer.


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Clarissa King

Richard Simmons
March 28, 1892

Lucy Lee (Widow) July 14, 1862

Peter Johnson 06/06/1893

James Brown 08/26/1893

Clarissa King

Henry Adams
July 18, 1889

Clarissa King

Abram Lancaster 1 July, 1893

Margaret Williams May 25, 1893

David Twine
February 15, 1902

"Celia Clark (Wife)" Dec 7, 1891
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